Chinese Money Plant

What has two black thumbs and loves plants? THIS GIRL! HEY-O!

I’m the botanical angel of death.  I’ve sent countless plants to their early graves, and can confidently assess that their aggregate numbers would culminate in a fairly large cemetery.  Although I recognize my poor caretaking skills, I can’t resist purchasing more doomed plants — only to repeat the cycle of destruction.

My twisted love has now turned its attention to the enchanting Chinese Money Plant (proper name: pilea peperomioides).  This fascinating specimen hails from China’s Yunnan province, and was introduced to Scandinavia by Agnar Espegren, a Norwegian missionary fleeing the Japanese World War II attacks on China.  The plant was slowly passed along generations of friends and families so that it became quite common throughout Europe.  A rarity in the States,  I’m desperate to have one of my own, even though I’ll probably kill it within days.  If anyone has any leads and has no qualms about sending a beautiful plant to a premature death, please reach out! And if you want to learn more about this plant’s amazing history, head over to Wild Chicken.

Photos courtesy of:  Gardenista  At Swim Two Birds | Joyce Stolte | Wit & Whistle | Multo Multo | Moon to Moon | Lisettes Perler | Erleperle Randia |  Supermama | Black Jungle Terrarium Supply

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2 thoughts on “Chinese Money Plant

  1. Hello there, I see you used my picture, where is my husband? Hahaha LOL.I share my love for this plant with you!

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